Text Messaging Operators

Connect with your hotel guests 24/7 wherever they are with Instant Tyme Text, our text messaging service.

Tyme Global can handle all text messaging traffic in your hotel by providing SMS operators for your text messaging. A three-minute response time guaranteed!

Hotel Text Messaging Example

Instant Tyme Text Management System

How hotel text messaging works:

  1. During check in, front desk staff will ask the guest their cell phone number so they can communicate via text message.
  2. Front desk staff will input the details into our platform, which will send a confirmation text to the guest and register their details in our database.
  3. Guests can submit queries or requests in response to this confirmation text using your number.
  4. Tyme Global operators receive and respond to the text within 3 minutes with your customized text.
  5. Due to our customer feedback loop where  guest queries and requests are stored in our knowledge base, we aim to respond to 80 percent of all text messages without contacting the front desk within three months of going live with Instant Tyme Text.

How Texting Platform Can Be Used:

  • Guest to Tyme SMS Operator/SMS Operator to Guest: Two-way communication
  • Front desk blast texting to guests
  • Employee to employee
  • Concierge services

Text messaging

Benefits for Guests:

  • 24/7, non-intrusive, instant communication about orders, questions
    or updates on issues in hotel
  • Communicate with hotel operators when outside the hotel
  • Market to previous guests about promotions
  • Promote events in the hotel such as happy hour


Benefits for Employees:

  • Within the “employee” section of the platform, send texts to staff or groups
  • Sendreminders and operations updates
  • Cover shifts easier
  • Communicate more efficiently between and across department

Text Can Be Used For…

  • Guest Services: Guest can text any request they have 24/7, which will be answered within 3 minutes by Tyme SMS operators.
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance Tickets: Guest texts Tyme operator for more towels. Operator confirms and enters request into ticketing system.
  • Valet Parking: Guest can text Tyme operator parking ticket number. Operator will confirm receipt, and then contact garage to arrange delivery of vehicle.
  • Room Service: Guest texts Tyme operator room service order. Operator confirms receipt, asks any questions via text if needed and then phones order into room service.
  • Restaurant/Spa Reservations: Guest texts Tyme operator request for reservation. Operator arranges back and forth with restaurant and/or spa.
  • Folio Requests: Guest texts Tyme operator request for folio. Operator accesses PMS and sends email to guest with folio as requested.

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