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The Secret Sauce Part II: Our Technology

In this three-part series, Tyme Global (TG) explores the “secret sauce” that is the foundation of our success – our talent, training, and technology. In part one, we introduced our people. We would not be what we are without our team. In this article, we take a look at our technology.

“Our overall philosophy is to leverage secure, open-source technology and tailor it to meet our customer’s needs so that we can offer the most flexible business and technical solutions,” says Tyme Global Chief Technology Officer Jacob Fobfogel. TG does use commercial “off the shelf” solutions for some things; however, the core of our tech stack is custom-built to provide the best performance and value combination.

Connecting Our Agents

The first technology piece is what connects us to our agents all over the world. Tyme Global has been 100% remote since our inception in 2013. We have had nearly a decade to perfect a secure environment for agents living anywhere around the globe. They can connect from their desktop or laptop and Internet to a VPN (virtual private network) that is entirely separate from what we think of as the “World Wide Web.” Our security measures (such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and multi-factor authentication) allow our staff to safely use their computers to connect to our fully managed remote workspaces.

Integration That Works

The second piece is what connects us to our clients. Every business has its own communication infrastructure.  Most of our clients use a PBX (private branch exchange) phone system, an internal telephone network that allows them to transfer calls without going to an outside line. For example, when a hotel front desk gets a call from a room, they can transfer that call directly to the valet or concierge. We connect to that system via a Tyme Global cloud server. This can be done in a multitude of ways, depending on the specific client. Some integrations require physical equipment, and others just need a few lines of code or a software plugin to connect. Once this process is complete, our server becomes an extension of the client’s phone system. Our agents can dial extensions directly, transfer calls, and serve as in-house operators without being on-site.

We also integrate with our client’s other systems, such as reservations (for restaurants and spas), schedulers (for appointments and appointment reminders), ticketing or workflow systems (for things like maintenance or room service), databases, and more. As a result, we can fulfill any business need outside of those that require in-person contact.

The Tyme Global Technology Difference

The final, perhaps most important secret behind our technology is our years of experience in making remote customer support a success for our clients. We have always been open to trying new things. This flexibility allows us to test, adopt, or switch tech to get the right combination for each unique client. Using open-source and custom-built software keeps our costs low, savings we pass along to our customers.

Let us support you by leveraging our technology and experience to provide your business with high-quality remote customer service solutions. Learn more today!

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