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The Secret Sauce Part III: Our Training

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In this three-part series, we take a peek at the recipe for Tyme Global (TG) “secret sauce” that formulates our success – our talent, training, and technology. In part one, we introduced our people, and in part two, we discussed our technology. For this final installment, we’ll look deeper at the difference training makes.

Basic Training

Every agent at Tyme Global gets the same foundational knowledge and instruction in standards of excellence, regardless of which line of business they serve. This online interactive training was developed in-house, specifically to ensure quality customer service for all our agents.

The units involved include Tyme Global onboarding for HR and internal functions, vocabulary, Forbes customer service training, and the L.E.A.R.N. method for de-escalation. Agents also experience sample calls and videos demonstrating the TG standard of excellence.

When the online training is complete, trainers will meet with new agents via video conference one-on-one and in groups to test their learning, run real-life scenarios, role-play, and review concepts.


Once new agents have completed basic training, it is time to move on to specialized modules. Each business area – Inbound, Outbound, and Data has its own training. For example, the central reservations hospitality team has a special unit developed with leading sales training experts for TG on upselling, closing sales, opening and closing calls, and other sales techniques.

We also develop a unit for each individual client. This includes information agents need to know operationally and in terms of brand representation. Agents will review the client’s website, photos, videos, location information, FAQs, and anything else required to represent the organization or property. 

Again, at the end of online specialized training, employees meet virtually with their trainer individually and in group sessions with their team. They review the concepts and information learned, run test scenarios and ensure that the knowledge is well integrated.

Ongoing Training

When an agent is assigned, they may have multiple clients or properties in their portfolio. None of our agents are expected to go live on all accounts at once. Rather, they train on one client, work that one live until they are comfortable, and then build on their experience to increase their workload. This avoids confusion, improves confidence, and lends itself well to our flexible work-at-home model.   

Training never really ends. Our QA teams review calls and correspondence constantly, keeping team leaders informed of both excellence and missed opportunities. Our technology allows us to record every conversation, text, and email for review. We hand out kudos and corrections alike, bolstering the team’s confidence and providing guidance so they never feel isolated.

The Tyme Global Training Difference

The final ingredient in our training is that we treat each agent as an individual. As Chelsea Levine, VP of Operations, said recently, “One reason our training is so successful is due to the different learning methodologies we use. Some of it is self-paced. Some of it is reading, a video, or navigating quizzes. Then there are the live sessions. Whatever type of learner someone is – visual, audio, reader – our training contains these elements so each type of learner can benefit from it.”

The combination of foundational training, specialized instruction, and ongoing feedback is part of what makes Tyme Global great. Let us put our knowledge to work for you with high-quality remote customer service solutions. Learn more today!

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