Business Process Outsourcing

Tyme Global offers high-quality call center support to help grow your business. 

The Tyme Global Difference

Our business process services combine leading-edge Contact Center Technology with certified and compliant dialing platform protocols. Together with human flexibility and ingenuity, our solutions handle everything from simple tasks to complex data-driven dynamic practices. Tyme Global Direct is here to serve your needs – today and tomorrow.

We are your:

  • New Back Office Solution
  • Service and Sales Workforce Solution
  • Flexible Call Center Partner
  • Quality and Compliance Hub
  • Fund Raising and Information Delivery
  • Best In Class Service

Why Choose Tyme Global Direct:

  • We integrate seamlessly with your internal teams.
  • We offer nearshore and global agents including best-in-class talent from South Africa.
  • Accent neutral native English-speaking and bilingual operators are available.
  • We are fully transparent, providing detailed information on agent quality and performance.
  • Our technology provides real-time customer/consumer feedback.
  • We focus on executing your goals and objectives.

How Tyme Global Adds Value

  • Over 40 years combined experience
  • Flexible workforce
  • Multiple locations
  • Nimble and speedy onboarding process
  • Ready for scalability
  • Focus on ROI and lowering your cost of acquisition

Specialized Call Center Solutions

Our 40 years of combined experience will help you navigate through what will work best for you, your budget, and your needs “Today,” and into the future.

We leverage omnichannel activities to maximize the contact potential of a given data lead.

We offer a variety of telco options for your telecommunication services, PBX for your Inbound, increased contacts for your Outbound efforts, DID management for compliant and phone dialing quality and regulations.

We will help create Live training modules for your daily/regular inputs to ensure remote staff become proficient and are always provided with the most up-to-date information.

Learn More

Reach out today to learn more about how Tyme Global Direct can serve you.

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