Inbound Calls

Let Tyme Global handle incoming communications so you can focus on patient care.

Your Patients, Our Priority

Incoming calls are the first interaction both new and returning patients have with your practice before they see you. Tyme Global staff is trained to the highest level of service standards to answer, screen, and handle all calls. We treat every incoming call with all the warmth and professionalism you would expect from any member of your staff.

Inbound Communication Support

Let Tyme Global relieve you and your staff of the burden of answering incoming calls, emails, chats and patient portal questions.

We provide:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Overflow call handling
  • After-hours service
  • Automated menu or human-first option
  • Seamless integration with your systems
  • Omnichannel support via phone, chat, email, or patient portal

Experience the Tyme Global difference

  • Immediate cost and space savings
  • Tailored services
  • No HR complications
  • Expert monitoring & reporting
  • Scalable within 7 days
  • Native English-speaking and bilingual agents
  • Always on 24/7

Quality Assurance

At Tyme Global we have a full-time 20-person Quality Assurance team listening to thousands of calls each day. This QA team is responsible for giving feedback to the respective team leads for each agent. In addition, we also conduct live QA daily.


Our agents are highly trained to the Forbes 5-star standard and are fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. All phone calls and operator screens are recorded and available on request. We constantly monitor our workforce for quality and provide you with fully customizable reports.

We provide customized reports including:

  • answer time
  • call transfer information
  • breakdown per area code
  • number of calls per day
  • average call length
  • number of calls per hour
  • and more

Learn More

Reach out today to learn more about how Tyme Global can serve you. Call us today at 212-796-1950 or click the button below to use our online form.

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