Central Reservations

We provide the labor and tools you need to secure bookings, improve conversions, and give your guests a five-star experience.

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Tyme Global’s central reservation staff are ready to improve your conversion rate, secure more bookings, and lower abandon rates by providing a best-in-class customer experience. Our conversion rates are typically higher than 25%, a full 6% above the industry average.

Our Services

Central Reservations

  • Answer reservation calls
  • Provide rate, property, and local information
  • Create, modify or cancel standard reservations
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Intelligent Routing
  • On-Screen Caller Info
  • Automatic CRM Logs
  • Sentiment Analysis

Tyme Global Excellence

  • High conversion rates
  • Low abandonment rate
  • Cut operating costs instantly
  • Avoid staffing complications
  • Save on office space
  • On-demand scalability
  • Native English-speaking and bilingual agents
  • 24/7/365

Our Staff

Tyme Global agents are trained to the Forbes 5-star standard of customer service. Further, we take the time to understand your needs so that our agents become an extension of your brand. Excellence in recruitment, onboarding, training, and management gives our team the tools they need to create the best possible customer experience for your guests. Our dedicated recruiters have access to a 10,000+ strong database of applicants. In addition, over the past decade, we have honed our training and onboarding methodologies to produce rapidly deployable, high-quality personnel. We provide opportunities for growth and mentorship within the organization and boast exceptional retention rates for our industry. We combine a full-time QA team and workforce management tools such as KPI gamification to provide accountability, improve performance, and ensure transparency. Most call centers offer a 15:1 agent to manager ratio. Tyme Global caps workgroups at 10:1.
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Our Technology

Our next-generation contact center software connects with your PMS, CRM, and booking agents enabling agents to be more effective, resulting in better service and higher sales. Smart Dialers provide agents more time with live prospects, while Intelligent Routing sends calls to the right person every time.

On-Screen Caller Info puts customer information immediately at hand. We integrate all communication channels with interaction history to provide context for every conversation. Additionally, our system displays helpful information to our agents, including:

  • Annual event calendars
  • 7-day weather forecast
  • Promotion tabs/hotel
  • Property fact sheets
  • Hotel layouts
  • City guides/maps

Everything is automatically logged to your CRM. Sentiment analysis reveals valuable customer insight for your sales teams. The platform is continuously updated and maintained for peak performance and leading-edge technology enhancements.

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