PBX/Guest Services

Remote 24/7/365 live omnichannel agents with exceptional customer service for you and your guests.

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Your guests expect five-star service with a personal touch. With Tyme Global, calls are answered quickly any time of day or night, without the need to change phone numbers or install new equipment. Our robust technology backbone allows us to blend seamlessly with your existing framework.

PBX Integration

We offer a robust menu of phone services:

  • Guest service internal calls
  • External calls
  • Room service order taking
  • Restaurant, hotel & spa reservations
  • Parking valet dispatch
  • Wake up calls

Experience the Tyme Global difference:

  • Immediate cost and space savings
  • Tailored services
  • No HR complications
  • Expert monitoring & reporting
  • Scalable within 7 days
  • Native English-speaking and bilingual agents
  • Always on 24/7/365

Fully Scalable


Scale up or down easily and quickly. Add or remove operators within seven days. Add or remove services a la carte as needed.

Got a special event? Let us help with registration and booking room nights. Seasonal business will ebb and flow, with Tyme Global you only pay for what you need.

Monitoring & Reporting

All phone calls and operator screens are recorded and available on request. We constantly monitor our workforce for quality and provide you with fully customizable reports, including:

  • answer time
  • call transfer information
  • breakdown per area code
  • number of calls per day
  • average call length
  • number of calls per hour
  • and more

Let’s get started

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