NYX Virtual Agent

Take the pressure off your front desk with NYX, your custom virtual agent.

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NYX from Tyme Global is a virtual agent that answers SMS text messages, voice calls, and emails, handling frequently asked questions, call routing, and ticket creation. Free up valuable staff time and improve your customer experience with NYX.


Save Valuable Staff Resources

NYX saves valuable staff time and resources by answering basic inquiries before they reach the front desk. The system provides callers with answers to common questions, helps with routine requests, and if further assistance is required, routes communications to the appropriate person or department.

Customers can call or text your main number to interact with NYX. If the system cannot answer the inquiry, the caller can request an agent and be connected to your staff or ours. This way, your on-site staff better leverage their time for in-person service and immediate issues.


Zero Wait Time

Are the majority of calls to your main number common questions like address and check-out time or simple requests such as additional towels? If so, NYX from Tyme Global can take those inquiries with zero wait time, leaving your staff free to address complex issues and focus on immediate customer needs. Every call is answered without leaving customers on hold. 


Consistently On-brand

You decide exactly how you want NYX to answer and respond to each call. Whether your brand is formal, informal, luxury or casual, each response is tailored to your needs. Make each guest feel welcome with consistent and on-brand interactions every time.

NYX Benefits

  • Every call answered with zero wait time
  • Self-service customer inquiries
  • Complete common interactions without human intervention
  •  3 automated channels: voice, text, and email

  • Guest identity verification through PMS integration
  • Automatically generated service tickets with API
  • Natural language voice interface with a variety of options
  • Transfer call escalations in-house or to Tyme Global agents
  • Multi-lingual options available
  • Flexible deployment scheduling
  • Cost savings
  • Maximizes front desk staff time
  • Allows on-site staff to focus on immediate concerns
  • Removes scheduling & HR complications
  • Simplifies work order dispatch process
  • Improves guest satisfaction

How it Works

NYX is built on a natural language engine using complex algorithms with a database of keywords and phrases. The lexicon leverages our decade’s worth of experience in the hospitality industry.  The smart engine builds on that database over time. The responses are fully customizable to match both factual information and brand voice. You may customize NYX with a choice of male or female voices in a variety of accents. We use the most advanced Amazon Neural based speech engines for realistic sound and intonation.

With text messaging, the system can include external links for more information. For example, if a guest asks for directions the system will give the address of the hotel and a Google Maps link.

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Our software can interface with any system with an API including chat platforms, workflow management, ticketing, scheduling, concierge, and more. This ensures requests are documented for fulfillment. Texts and calls can be dispatched to any department.

In addition, we can offer a full PBX/SIP integration which allows us to act as an extension of your local phone system. There is no need to transfer calls back and forth on an external outside line. As such, the SIP header (caller information) will be kept throughout the call.

With PMS integration the system can automatically verify all callers and respond personally when they call or text. For example, “Mr. Smith, how may I help you?” Additionally, NYX can send important information automatically such as welcome messages, reminders (such as check-out time), and confirmations.

The NYX Difference

Unlike our competitors, NYX:

  1. Has 3 channels of communication:
       – Voice
       – Text
       – Email
  2. NYX integrates with (almost) any API.
  3. Can be deployed with or without PBX integration.
  4. Self-learning and self-configurable.
  5. Customized deployment and flexible scheduling.
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Common Guest Inquiries

NYX It is a self-learning engine with responses customized for either voice or text. The system engages with callers using a database of pre-determined responses that expands over time. Guest inquiries NYX commonly answers include:

  • Can I get a towel?
  • My HVAC is not working.
  • What time is check-in?
  • Can I get a late checkout? 
  • Can I add a name to my reservation?
  • Can I order room service?
  • What is your address?
  • How much is parking?
  • Where is the nearest pharmacy?
  • What time is the restaurant open?
  • Where’s the nearest subway?
  • How long does it take to get to the airport?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If there is an API  – we can integrate it. The most requested integrations are for PMS, chat platforms, workflow management, ticketing, and scheduling applications. 

Absolutely. We offer NYX both with and without PBX integration; however, it is much more powerful when integrated.

With PBX integration, calls can be routed to any internal hotel extension with no added telephony costs or acquiring any additional DIDs.  Further, we can identify the guest room from the calling number. In addition, NYX can make automated calls to guest rooms directly rather than to a guest’s mobile phone.

No. NYX can operate without ever touching your PMS. System. Clients find it useful to document interactions centrally using an existing PMS; however, it is not necessary in order to implement NYX.

When a customer interacts with NYX they can say or text AGENT (or a different keyword that you choose such as “human” or “operator”) at any time to be connected to a live person. The communication is then routed as you see fit – to someone on your team or to a Tyme Global agent. You also have the option to route to a ticketing system.

While we would love to support you with our best-in-class customer service agents, you do not need to connect your NYX to Tyme Global. We can route call escalations wherever you wish.

We offer several support tiers from full-service to self-service options. If you select self-service, we are always available to assist should you have any questions.

Every time NYX hears a word or phrase it does not understand it logs the incident. These incident reports are then sent to a human team to review and update the lexicon. 

We offer several support tiers that handle updates to the database. With the self-service option, a member or members of your team will receive notifications and be responsible for any making updates to the lexicon. Alternately, we can offer a full-service support package that will review and make updates to the system and report on them.

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