Skye Virtual Agent

AI-Powered virtual agent Skye answers and routes calls, SMS text messages, and emails.


Skye virtual agent uses a combination of cutting-edge products and proprietary technology developed in-house. Tyme Global leveraged our decade of experience in hospitality in Skye’s development, bringing to bear machine learning expertise and a deep understanding of what makes a great user experience.

How it Works

Skye is built on a natural language engine using complex algorithms with a database of keywords and phrases. The lexicon leverages our decade’s worth of experience in the hospitality industry.  The smart engine builds on that database over time. The responses are fully customizable to match both factual information and brand voice. You may customize Skye with a choice of male or female voices in a variety of accents. We use the most advanced Amazon Neural based speech engines for realistic sound and intonation.

With text messaging, the system can include external links for more information. For example, if a guest asks for directions the system will give the address of your office and a Google Maps link.

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Our software can interface with any system with an API including chat platforms, workflow management,  scheduling, and more. This ensures requests are documented for fulfillment. Texts and calls can be dispatched to any department.

In addition, we can offer a full PBX/SIP integration which allows us to act as an extension of your local phone system. There is no need to transfer calls back and forth on an external outside line. As such, the SIP header (caller information) will be kept throughout the call.

Additionally, Skye can send important information automatically such as welcome messages, reminders (such as appointment times), and confirmations.

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