Insurance Call Center Solutions

Tyme Global agents are standing by to support your needs 24/7/365.

Why Go Remote?

Tyme Global’s remote agents provide you with the expertise to support your business at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. We can scale quickly to meet seasonal or responsive needs with native-English-speaking and bilingual agents, available 24/7/365.

Our data security, quality control, and management standards are best-in-class. All of our agents are trained to the Forbes 5-star customer service level. We bring a decade of experience strengthened by a robust technological backbone and seasoned managers to deliver high-quality service for less. 


Our services include

  • Inbound/Outbound calling
  • Enrollment
  • First notice of loss (FNOL)
  • Claims updates
  • General inquiries
  • Customer surveys
  • Sales
  • Data entry
  • IVR/Self-service options available

With Tyme Global you get

  • Immediate cost and space savings
  • Shorter wait times
  • Expert monitoring & reporting
  • Reduced HR burden
  • Scalable within 7 days
  • Native English-speaking and bilingual agents
  • Voice/Text (SMS)/Web chat/Email
  • Always on 24/7/365

Our Technology

Tyme Global’s technology allows us to connect with your existing systems securely. We can take on the burden of call routing, customer relationship management, quality assurance, and analytics by combining our proprietary software and select commercial applications. By partnering with us, you gain access to these powerful tools without investing in expensive software development or infrastructure. 

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Improving Client Relationships

Outsourcing your call center to Tyme Global provides many advantages to improve your customer experience. Long wait times are often the biggest member complaint. We can scale up or down quickly to meet your needs, adjusting seasonally or during other periods of increased call volume. This means shorter wait times and happier customers.

Removing the HR burden of recruiting, hiring, and managing agents frees up your in-house experts to focus on their core competencies. Our agents are trained in the highest level of customer service standards. In addition, we provide specialized training developed with each of our clients. Leave customer service to us. It’s where we shine. 

Let’s get started

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