Remote Voice Operators

Clear communications and exceptional customer service are the keys to success in any business. By outsourcing your inbound and outbound calls to our remote voice operators, you can cut costs and ensure your customers always receive a five-star service. 

By providing remote PBX Voice Operators and Service Agents, TGT can expertly handle all your inbound and outbound call traffic. Our customized solutions ensure our voice operators know every detail of your operation and brand. Our team will learn the language of your business and seamlessly blend into your existing framework. 

With the help of our rapid deployment technology, TGT operates as a full extension of your brand in a matter of days. You can have an army of remote workers ready to service your customers. Our work-from-home workforce all have English as a first language. Best of all, unlike our competitors, we charge by employee labor so you can rest assured that your clients are getting all the attention they deserve.

Why us?

Tailored Call Services

Charge by the hour, dedicated agents that belong to you, trainer the trainer top down. Always work-from-home. Highly versatile across multiple industries, proprietary technology, and TGT is an extension of your team. 

Inbound/Outbound Professionals

Expert Monitoring

  • Every call is monitored and tracked, allowing for accurate performance measurement and full transparency
  • All phone calls and operator screens are recorded and available on request.
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA and PCI requirements

Communication Experts

Professional Call Reporting

TGT provides remote voice services for all types of businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

We can provide you with a full set of reports to review, 24/7. These customizable reports can include:

  • answer time

  • call transfer information

  • breakdown per area code

  • number of calls per day

  • average call length

  • number of call per hour

  • and so much more

If you would like more information on our voice operator services, please contact our team now.

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