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Hotel operations management for web and mobile.

Hospitality Operations Management

HotelEXPERT is a fully customizable hotel management system. It works using web and mobile-enabled modules to support operations and ticketing for housekeeping, maintenance, and more.

Rapid Response Module

Our Rapid Response module allows the creation of guest request, housekeeping, and maintenance tickets. With the PMS interface, guest names are automatically filled in. Tickets can be automatically assigned based on your criteria or manually assigned as they arrive. The system also allows for recurring tickets and advanced scheduling.

Assigned tickets are immediately dispatched to employees via push notification to the mobile app. You can view ticket updates or changes, filter views, and track progress in real time. The ticket console and mobile app allow users to update, cancel, select DND, or transfer a task to a project on the fly. 

Users can start and pause tickets at any time. They can also attach photos or voice memos for documentation. 

Housekeeping Module

Our housekeeping module gives you all the flexibility you need. Assign and easily track work orders, employee assignments, credits, and room inspections, including priority. 

Create automatic work orders for dirty rooms and assign them automatically or manually using drag and drop. 

With two-way PMS integration, room status is updated live. Room attendants can update a ticket to postpone, DND, reschedule, or refuse service from the mobile app.

View room status using list view or use the graphic status monitor to quickly obtain an overview. Occupied rooms show the guest name, arrival, and departure dates. Filter by floor, zone, room type, or status

Preventative Maintenance Module

All properties have routine tasks that must be done periodically. Schedule work orders in advance to easily stay on top of preventative maintenance. 

You can add all your assets to the system including the ability to use barcodes. Use the app to scan barcodes to close work orders. Create checklists for specific items or tasks. 

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