Remote Operator Services in the United States and Canada

If you want reliable remote workforce labor, TGT has an army of native English speaking operators ready to assist your customers.

We specialize in providing remote operator services, handling voice and data entry, as well as virtual services solutions to a range of businesses across the United States and Canada. We can streamline your operations, help you cut costs, and enable you to deliver the highest standards of customer service. Our remote operator services deliver safe and professional services. 

With an easy and fast setup and onboarding process, TGT can act like a total extension of your brand. The combination of technology and our intense staff training relieves you and your on-site staff of the stress and hassle of having to manage inbound phone calls, allowing you to focus on business development.

In summer 2021, TGT launched a strategic partnership with California-based T2 Flex. This partnership has allowed both TGT and T2 to serve previously unreachable clients by leveraging each company’s refined processes and infrastructure.

Executive team

Ryan Levin

Chief Executive Officer

Over the last 20 years Ryan has built and successfully scaled a number of businesses with extensive experience in the intersection between hospitality and technology. Ryan has a proven record in partnership development and instilling scalable systems in his operating businesses. Despite TGT’s humble family-owned roots, the team has grown to over 300 personnel spread out through almost all 50 states. Together with their 2 kids, Ryan and his wife Gili live in their adopted home of NYC.

David Cristescu

Chief Strategy Officer

David and Ryan have been business partners for years and the two friends founded TGT 10 years ago after recognizing an significant opportunity in the market. David is a former Senior Vice President at the Sydney-based Macquarie Bank. In 2009 he relocated to New York in order to expand the bank’s US presence. David has vast experience in managing global teams and has been driving the company’s overarching strategy since its inception. David is married and is a dad to 3 kids.

Lori Henschen

Chief Operating Officer

Lori earned her MBA from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, majoring in Leadership and Human Assets. Since 2006, Lori has been overseeing the recruitment, and management of over 500 staff across various industries. Lori prides herself on developing and implementing impactful training to staff members of differing skill levels and experience. After working as a general manager for 4 years she moved into the Chief Operating Officer role in 2017.  Her combined management and operations experience over the past 15 years makes her a great asset to TGT as she oversees the national operations team. Lori lives in Florida with her husband and 2 boys.

Jacob Robfogel

Chief Technology Officer

Jacob has over twenty-five years of experience across an array of different industries including education, government and hotel/hospitality for global organizations in the US, South East Asia and China. Jacob speaks Mandarin, Thai and Spanish fluently which contributed to his success as the former co-founder and Managing Director of Thai-Fi in 2003, specializing in providing wi-fi networks for hotels and serviced apartments in Thailand and SE Asia. Jacob has a deeply technical background in operations and development enabling him to design customized solutions to solve complex customer problems.  Jacob has been leading the TGT tech team since 2018.

Management team

Brandy Rosa

Director of Operations

Chelsea Levine

Director of Operations

Rebecca Schroyer

Operations Manager

Gili Koren

Project Manager

Jessica Schroyer

Operations Manager

Olivia Welch

Operations Manager

Mitch Schnur

Operations Manager

Belinda Huyser

Operations Manager

About Us

Our History

TGT is a New York-based family-owned business established in 2013 with deep roots in the hospitality sector. Today we provide remote operator services combined with cutting edge technology to seamlessly support a wide range of industries throughout the United States and Canada. Our clients include medical facilities, hotels, government agencies, and everything in between. Within the last 7 years, our team has grown by 10x as word of our reputation has spread.

Client Testimonials

Tyme Global has been an incredible partner to Moxy Times Square. During pre-opening the team consulted and assisted with the installation and ensured a successful opening for a Marriott flagship property. During the following 2 years of operation, the TYME Global team has been a partner and great supporter of all initiatives within the hotel and has been instrumental in driving service scores and overall guest experience for us. We have since then added them to various other hotels on our platform and are excited to continue our growth with them.

Christian Brosius, General Manager Moxy Times Square

I have known Tyme Global since my days at Hersha and when I moved over to Quadrum I was happy to hear that they had been commissioned to handle Arlo’s call traffic. Every brand is different, and I have seen how committed Tyme Global are to maneuver their service levels to whatever each property requires. Tyme Global’s ability and willingness to accommodate and deliver on each hotel’s requirements is second to none. I wholeheartedly endorse Tyme Global.

Foiz Ahmed, President at Quadrum Hospitality Group

Yotel San Francisco has been working with the data entry and inbox management team since we opened our doors on February 2019.  Working with Sam, Inge, Jessica and Chelsea has been awesome.  Whenever we have something that needs to get done, we can just send an email and I know it will be taken care of.  One of the easiest partnerships we’ve had and I’m glad that we have them watching out for the hotel. We are lucky enough to call them a part of our family here even though they work thousands of miles away, we still know that we can lean on them for help.

Ryan Kurasaki-Maru, Director of Revenue Yotel San Fransisco

I can say without any hesitation that TGT is the most innovative, nimble, creative and responsive 3rd party guest response operator in the industry. No initiative is unachievable, everything is a strong possibility and most often, has great potential with TGT. TGT’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing hospitality market conditions and demands, specifically here in NYC, is second to none. TGT is a true partner in elevating the guest experience, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, which lends itself seamlessly to growing hotel profitability margins.

John Sinclair, General Manager Novotel New York

Tyme Global has been a joy to work with, their attention to detail and focus on delivering seamless exceptional service is unparalleled. They pride themselves on working cohesively with the property level teams. Essentially the Tyme global team naturally feels like they are a part of our team and are very responsive via our combined group chat, email, or on the phone.

Vaughn Davis, General Manager Dream Hollywood

The TGT team has been a phenomenal partner every step of the way. This was our first time employing this type of partnership and from the first on boarding call, I continue to be astounded by the level of support, attention to detail, and innovative solutions they bring to bear. They are a significant cut above any other provider we have spoken with or evaluated in the past and I can confidently say they will be our partners for decades to come. 

Ben Joseph, CEO Liberty Home Guard

Please know I have had the pleasure of working with two of your preservationists – Sabine and Yvette – for the past year. I have found them both to be incredibly pleasant, professional, and dedicated. Additionally, they are very consistent with their follow-up to the property team with specific details and requests regarding guest reservations. They are very much an extension of our team at the hotel and I am very pleased with the Tyme Global team thus far!

Nick Ivezaj, General Manager, INK48 Hotel

Partnering with Tyme Global over the last 3 years to handle our Guest Services and PBX calls has been a great experience. Their attention to detail and determination to uphold our brand standards is remarkable and I enthusiastically recommend them to every hotel that asks me about them. I look forward to growing our footprint with them for many years to come.

Katherine Solomon, Corp. Director of Revenue Management Ario Hotels

Tyme Global has provided us with PBX services at Archer Hotel in New York City since May of 2014. Ryan, David and their entire team have been extremely efficient and easy to work with.  We have been very happy with their services and quality of staff they provide.  They immediately embraced and executed our very specific Brand and Forbes standards which has enabled us to remain in the top 3% ranking on TripAdvisor.   They are always available and attentive to our needs. We are very happy with our partnership and relationship with Tyme Global and are happy to provide a reference to any hotel company considering them.

Michele Mangino, General Manager Archer New York

Earlier in 2014, Tyme Global approached Lodgeworks to handle all our PBX Operator and Guest Service requirements for our new property, Archer New York. I was impressed with their track record at other properties and contracted them to handle and dispatch all our internal and external calls since our opening in May of this year. As we work towards achieving our Forbes’ travel guide rating, Tyme Global actively recruit, train and manage a team of operators to deliver the high standards we require in terms of property knowledge and the guest experience. They also manage the HotelExpert ticketing system and other guest services for us which allows our front desk staff to focus on the guests in front of them. Lori and the Tyme Global management team are always on hand to help address any concerns we have and refine procedures. We find the management team very approachable, professional, and flexible. Tyme Global was instrumental in the initial setup of the property system and worked in direct contact with our phone company and phone switch vendor in establishing the optimal setup of the system for the hotel. They were an advocate for us in this regard.

Blaze A. Brigman, VP Operations Lodgeworks

Total Remote & Virtual Solutions

Five Star Service-Oriented

TGT is a customer-oriented business with five-star service quality top-of-mind. Using our remote operator services will provide your company with substantial operational savings.

Cut Costs With TGT

Cut Your Costs

We share resources across participating brands which means you can slash your costs by a further 50%-80%.


Proven Management Tactics

We have developed our own unique management and work tools to integrate into your systems to fully immerse ourselves in your business.

Quality Assurance

Robust multi-tiered systems in place to ensure a consistent standard 24/7/365.


TGT’s Self-Sufficient  Backbone

We provide our clients with our own dedicated telecommunications hub allowing us a turn-key integration into your business.

Rapid Scalability

A network of thousands of operators throughout the United States and Canada.


Expert Operators

Our agents are all native English speakers based in the United States and abroad. We utilize a work from a home model and take pride in keeping our employees safe by providing steady employment.

Contact us to find out how our tailored virtual and remote services can benefit your business.

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