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The Two-Step of Outsourcing

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You’ve decided to outsource, now what? Choosing the right outsourcing partner is similar to a dance, you want the transition and flow to be smooth and seamless without compromising quality or control. A good partner must possess great coordination and a highly developed sense of awareness. A good partner will help you take your performance to a higher level. But why does it really matter which vendor you choose? “While the market continues to shift in unknown directions, a focus on your core business, along with strategic partnerships with a strong support network, will ensure your employees and guests will enjoy being at your property, and your bottom line will grow,”says Jill Dean Rigsby from Hotel Business Magazine. The right partnership will ensure you’re not stepping on each other’s feet.

Finding the Right Partner

In an ever changing travel culture, keeping in step with innovation while keeping the traditional hotel customer service experience is important. Having a partner whose values are aligned with your own is vital. Hospitality is about people, both internal and external. A dance partner who technically may be skilled but who hates the art is neither enjoyable to work with nor conducive to long term success; the same is true when it comes to your employees. Post pandemic more people than ever are opting to work from home. The fact is remote call center agents are happier and more productive then onsite agents. This is good for your guests and creates an atmosphere that can be focused on the more important thing; hospitality. The right outsourcing partner is not a replacement for key elements of your property, rather a support; and a strong support is invaluable.“Under the right circumstances, outsourcing gives hoteliers the best of both worlds, not only because it frees up management to improve customer service without losing sleep over subordinate tasks, but also because it shifts the burden of risk away from the hotel and onto the third party, which can be a huge cost-saver,” says Kristen Zeleski in her article Lodging Magazine about boosting efficiency via outsourcing. 

What should you keep in mind?

Language skills matter. Never underestimate good language skills in choosing the right partner. Guests who are needing assistance don’t want the added burden of struggling to understand the remote guest service agent along with the issue they are having. Native English speakers with an advanced vocabulary not only can enhance your brand but can leave guests feeling confident in your hotel’s ability to deliver quality.

You get what you pay for. Choosing a partner based purely on low costs is not only unwise but can be damaging. This cheaper labor can bring down your guests’ view of your hotel and in one bad experience can alienate a once loyal customer. Alternatively, a team that has been trained according to Forbes 5 star rating system at a level of service that surpasses the expectations can guarantee brand loyalty.

The technology must fit. Often not the first thing that comes to mind when choosing an outsourcing partner, technology is important. You need to know what your partner can bring to the table in terms of compatibility. Can they match your needs, integrate and complement your current systems? Don’t end up choosing a dance partner only to find out they can’t perform your signature moves.

A Step In the Right Direction

Tyme Global may be just what you’re looking for. Our hospitality customer service agents are trained to deliver excellence in terms of quality and service. We do the hard part for you, consistently refining our team to ensure they stay in rhythm with your brand and expectations.With a turnover rate of 24%, a full 60% lower than the national average for hospitality and leisure (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). We are proud and confident in our ability to perform at the highest of standards, and step to your beat.

Tyme Global would be delighted to accept this dance!

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