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AI and the Human Element: The Perfect Pairing

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With the rise of tools like ChatGPT, it seems like the topic of artificial intelligence is one that is constantly in the news. On the surface, these innovations are nothing if not impressive – ChatGPT in particular is already being used to handle everything from answering basic user questions to marketing to doing a student’s homework for them.

When a tool is already this powerful (and is poised to get even better as time goes on), one has to wonder: what does this mean for human employees, especially in fields like hospitality? Will AI eventually replace those jobs entirely?

While it is technically possible, it absolutely shouldn’t be a cause for concern. AI and the human element of business aren’t at odds with each other at all. They’re actually the perfect pairing for a number of reasons, all of which are worth exploring. 

The AI Revolution is Upon Us

The hospitality industry in particular is one that has already benefited heavily from artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to the more “routine” interactions that businesses have with customers countless times a day.

If someone simply wants to check the status of a reservation, or ask a basic question about a location’s amenities, there’s no real reason why they should have to spend time on the phone doing that. Not only does it create a time-consuming experience for them, but it also takes the attention of an in-house employee away from a task that might be more important.

This is part of the reason why hospitality businesses have regularly embraced chatbots over the years. Now, customers can do everything from checking on their account status to paying a bill – all via what is basically a text messenger window on their browser. Even the earliest chatbots were capable of successfully completing these tasks, increasing the efficiency level of the entire organization along the way.

The Skye Virtual Agent is just one example of this idea in action. It’s a tool built to take the pressure off your front desk by way of a fully functional virtual agent that is capable of handling inbound calls with zero wait time. It’s available via not only SMS text messages but also voice calls, web chat, and even email – creating a better experience for both customers and employees at the same time.

Tyme Global: Leveraging the Power of Modern Technology to Your Advantage

At Tyme Global, we’ve seen the full potential that AI tools have to offer, particularly to those in the hospitality industry. But they can never replace that “human element” – nor should they be even considered for that purpose in the first place.

Think about it like this: hospitality organizations are trying to create an exceptional experience for their customers. One that those people will not be able to find anywhere else. One that cements their stellar reputation and competitive advantage in the marketplace. How do you do that if you’re simply relying on the same AI tools that everyone else is?

That’s why AI shouldn’t be seen as a way to replace human employees at all. Rather, it’s about supporting and empowering them. By using AI to make sure those time-consuming and menial tasks are taken care of with high quality results, it frees up the valuable time of human employees to create an even better experience for clients than ever before. That simple idea represents the possibility that artificial intelligent brings with it, and it’s something that none of us can lose sight of moving forward.

If you’d like to find out more information about the perfect pairing between artificial intelligence and the “human element” of business, or if you’d just like to find out more about our remote staffing solutions or general hospitality staffing solutions in more detail, please don’t delay – contact Tyme Global today. To learn more about TG’s AI-empowered virtual assistant Skye, please visit

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