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Is AI Right for Your Hotel?

In a world where staffing is becoming more and more difficult, staying ahead of the curve is an absolute necessity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something to consider. Having an AI-powered virtual agent on your side could be what gives you the edge you need to stay competitive.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to  IBM, “Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.” Essentially, an AI is capable of doing anything humans can, but in virtual space. This includes finding important points of data in a massive data set, collecting data from an image (such as image scans for healthcare), and most relevant to hospitality, simulate a human interaction over text, email, and phone calls.

AI in the Context of Hospitality

In a recent interview in Hotel Management, John Le Plante, CIO of G6 Hospitality stated, “… technology will continue to focus on reducing friction in all interaction with guests, from booking a reservation to checking in or even requesting fresh towels… a lot of these interactions could eventually be solved using robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the objective of decreasing the number of touchpoints for staff on-premises.” AI can handle basic guest services functions without the need of a human overseeing the interaction. This takes the pressure off the front desk and enables hotels to worry less about staffing.

How is AI different from chatbots and IVR? 

So why would you want an AI over a Chatbot or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system? To put it simply, the AI performs the functions of both of those options on its own and better. AIs are able to replicate a more natural human interaction, they can perform the tasks of a chatbot and IVR simultaneously, and they are capable of learning. If the AI comes across a request or question it doesn’t have the answer to it can pass it onto a human agent and then whatever phrase it didn’t understand can be programmed into the AI so it’s not an issue for the next caller. 

Tyme Global Introduces Skye

Skye Logo

Skye is Tyme Global’s very own AI-Powered Virtual Agent. The system is capable of handling frequently asked questions, call routing, and ticket creation while saving valuable staff time. Skye can communicate via phone, text, and email and you can tailor its responses to fit your brand. It integrates with almost any API and can be deployed with or without PBX integration. Skye is multilingual, able to take calls with zero wait time, and can transfer calls in-house or off-site to Tyme Global agents. 

AI is the future of the hospitality industry and Tyme Global is ready to bring you into the future, now. Contact us today to find out more about how Skye can help you.

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