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Is Email Ruining Your Customer Relationships?

More than two hundred and fifty-four million Americans (over 75%) use email every day. Email is now the primary channel customers use to connect with businesses. According to a study conducted by Hubspot, email is the #1 preferred communication method to reach customer service. Klaus agrees, “Email governs the list of channels that bring in the most support tickets. 70% of customer service teams receive most of their cases via email.”

Wait, Email is Really That Important?

Email allows the sender to reach out whenever convenient; however, that time shift does not apply once they hit send. Recent studies by Microsoft found that 50% of email users expect a reply within 24 hours. Hubspot found that the customers they surveyed expected a response “immediately.” They say, “Almost ⅔ of buyers expect a response within 10 minutes to any marketing, sales, or customer service inquiry.” According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, even if a response doesn’t provide the information a customer needs right away, a quick and professional response results in higher retention than suffering through long wait times. 

Whether you run a hotel, hospital, retail, or online company, you need to pay attention to email. The biggest customer service complaint is slow communication. A fast response is one of the best ways to serve your brand. How fast you respond to email sets a standard for your level of care.

Further, 80% of consumers say they’ve stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience. There is much at risk when email is not handled promptly.

How Can You Keep Up and Respond Quickly to Email?

Perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing. According to Klaus, 5% of businesses surveyed said they outsourced at least 50% of their customer service work. This number is growing.

We’ve long been accustomed to outsourced phone operators and overseas help desks. The very idea may fill some people with angst-ridden visions of hard-to-understand agents, disconnected calls, poor sound quality, etc. Can you avoid these difficulties when outsourcing email management? How do you control the quality? Can you trust that your clients are getting the help they need? Just how secure is the communication? 

A Smart, Cost-Effective, Email Solution.

With Tyme Global, we offer you trusted, highly-trained (and easy to understand) agents that become a part of your team. Only need one person for one hour per day to answer emails? No problem. Need a team of 20 people on call 24/7? We can do that, too. Scale up or down quickly, sometimes within as little as one business day. 

Our Native-English speaking and bilingual team is trained to the highest Forbes 5-star standards in customer service and sales communications. We customize our responses to your specifications so that emails are accurate and on-brand. In addition, the Tyme Global QA team reviews thousands of communications daily to ensure quality control. We are experts in handling customer inquiries. We know how to respond, when to escalate, and how to treat your clients as human beings. 

Customers expect an “immediate” response to written communications. Let Tyme Global unburden you and your staff by handling your email.

Keep your customers happy with quick, professional email inbox management. Contact us to learn more today!