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The Secret Sauce Part I: Our People

In this three-part series, Tyme Global (TG) will explore the “secret sauce” that is the foundation of our success. In part one, we introduce our people. We would not be what we are without our team.

We’ve all heard it said that “teamwork makes the dream work.” As corny as it sounds, there is truth to it. A large part of what makes Tyme Global such an effective outsourcing solution is our team. With almost ten years of experience as a work-from-home company, we have perfected our recruitment, training, and management techniques, resulting in a remarkable attrition rate 60% lower than the national average for our industry. TG agent Kimberly K. said recently, “I sometimes forget that I’ve never actually met any of my teammates in person because we have such a strong camaraderie. It is really a beautiful thing and I am blessed to be a part of it.”


We start by finding the right people. We have a database of over 10,000 pre-screened candidates, and new applications are constantly coming in. Each potential candidate is interviewed and tested for various factors. Then, we qualify all applicants rigorously, validating location, running a background check, and more. 

What is most important is that each candidate is a fit. Tyme Global recruiter Mitch Schnur said recently, “We look for more than just the basic skills; it takes a special kind of person to do the work we do.” We look for that certain something that tells us a potential recruit will be a great addition to the TG family. We value integrity, hard work, and empathy and look for candidates who share our values. 

Once we invite someone to begin working with us, they undergo our onboarding and training process to meet TG standards and client needs.


Our training process is proprietary; however, we can share that it is a mix of online self-paced training and coaching in groups and individually. In addition, we use internally developed and industry-standard modules such as Forbes 5-star customer service essentials.

We employ a team of full-time trainers in concert with a “train the trainer” model. This model reinforces concepts and allows for greater flexibility when scaling up quickly.

Our VP of Operations, Chelsea Levine, said recently, “Our training is specifically designed to ensure all TG agents have a solid understanding of customer service and the TG way. We want all our clients’ guests and customers to come away happy from every interaction.”


When new agents are ready, we don’t just push them out of the nest like a baby bird. We provide constant support.  We do this in various ways, including desktop/call monitoring for quality assurance, individual coaching, and gamification techniques. Our technology allows us to listen to and record every call, view every email, and view each agent’s desktop in real time. 

Our 20-person QA team listens daily to thousands of calls and written communications. In addition, they provide constant feedback to the team leads for each agent. Retraining and guidance is always our first response for course correction. We strive to foster an environment of continuous improvement and support. According to TG Agent Justine W., “TG is one of the best companies that I have worked for. The teamwork and dynamics are amazing. Management and our team leaders are always willing to help in any shape or form. Whenever I need assistance, help is always a message away.”

The Dream that Works

The combination of the right people, training, and management is perhaps the most vital ingredient in the Tyme Global recipe for success. As one agent said in a recent employee feedback survey, “TG is really such a great team! I always appreciate how approachable the execs are and how everyone works together for a common purpose. It really does feel like a little diverse family.”

The team we have built allows us to bring the highest quality in customer service to our partners. Want to know how we can put our team to work for you?

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