Tyme Global Technologies is a Telephone Answering Service Company

Tyme Global Technologies is a telephone answering service that serves customers throughout the United States and Canada. You may ask, “why use an answering service”? By offering a phone answering service for your business, we can handle all inbound and outbound phone calls with professional, courteous operators. Our operators all have English as their first language. Your customers and clients always talk with a live operator, making an excellent impression on your business. Our automated business phone answering system is state-of-the-art. We provide a virtual receptionist and a virtual call center that ensures we handle your calls professionally and with the utmost attention to excellent customer service.

Our services offer live operator answering, and your customers and clients never deal with a recording. We have a 24/7 live virtual phone answering service. Your customers always talk to a live operator dedicated to providing the best customer service. Contact us, and we can give you tips and considerations before selecting a business telephone answering service.

Questions and Answers

TGT realizes savings of up to 20% from day one no matter the industry type. What could your business do with an additional 20% savings?

An answering service has a narrower scope of duties, primarily focused on inbound and outbound calls and taking messages. A call center has additional responsibilities, such as tech support, chat, and e-mail functions.

One of the biggest reasons companies use an automated phone system is to save costs, of up to 20%, and spread out a function across a larger number of business operations.

This setup varies according to the type of phone you have. Most of our existing clients have their existing phone systems integrated with ours. In the event there is no current system in place, Tyme Global Technologies is able to roll out a fully automated answering phone system within days.

The best answering service operates 24/7, has operators that are fluent in English and excel in customer service, and operators that effectively represent your company.

If you would like more details on how our written skills agents can enhance your customer services, please contact us today.

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